LCHC at National Teams

Congratulations to Carlos Pedro, Diogo Santos, and Fredric Machado from LCHC for representing at the Men’s Field Hockey National Team last weekend in Lousada! Well done, boys!

Congratulations to Maggie, Tubbie, Teresinha, Greggs, little Mary and Lamarni from LCHC for representing at the Women’s Field Hockey National Team last weekend in Lousada! Well done, girls! ???


Abertura de Candidatura a Eleições no Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club

Data de Início: 3 de Julho

Anunciamos a abertura oficial das candidaturas para as próximas eleições do Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club a partir do dia 3 de Julho. Todos os candidatos interessados devem submeter os seus planos de candidatura em formato Word, PDF e/ou PPT até o dia 15 de Agosto para

O plano de candidatura deve ser composto por três partes essenciais:

  1. Plano Estratégico e Organização:
    • Descrição detalhada da visão estratégica do candidato para o clube.
    • Estrutura organizacional proposta.
    • Metas e objetivos a curto e longo prazo.
  2. Plano Operacional:
    • Ações e medidas práticas a serem implementadas.
    • Gestão de recursos e alocação de responsabilidades.
    • Cronograma de atividades e indicadores de desempenho.
  3. Plano Futuro:
    • Perspectivas e inovações para o crescimento e sustentabilidade do clube.
    • Projeções financeiras e de desenvolvimento.
    • Estratégias de adaptação a desafios futuros e novas oportunidades.

A Assembleia Geral Anual (AGM) será marcada para o dia 13 de Setembro, onde os sócios terão a oportunidade de votar no candidato de sua preferência.

Agradecemos a atenção de todos e esperamos uma participação ativa e entusiasta nesse importante processo.


Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club

The Ladies did it again!

The ladies are now the team with more championship titles in Portugal!

5 Títulos – Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club

4 Títulos – Ramaldense Futebol Clube
4 Títulos – Sport Club do Porto
3 Títulos – Associação Desportiva de Lousada
3 Títulos – G. Dramático Sportivo de Cascais
3 Títulos – Grupo Desportivo do Viso
1 Título – CAMIR / CF “Os Belenenses”

Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club Women’s team on their back-to-back championship victory! It’s an impressive achievement to win the championship for the second year in a row, especially in such a thrilling fashion. The final games, which both ended in 1-1 draws, must have been nail-biters, with the outcome being decided by shoot-outs.

Facing a strong opponent like GD Viso, who had put together their best team in years, highlights the resilience and discipline of the Lisbon Casuals players. Holding their opponents long enough to bring the decision to shoot-outs shows their tactical acumen and mental toughness. Winning the shoot-out and securing the championship again is a testament to their skill and determination.

Kudos to the team for their hard work, strategic gameplay, and unwavering spirit! Bringing the championship home again is a remarkable accomplishment and a moment to cherish for all players, coaches, and supporters involved.

Fotos:Paulo Moreira e Guilherme Cardoso

HISTORY!!! Men’s reach the final for the first time!!!

In a heart-pounding showdown last Sunday, the Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club men’s team etched their name into history with their first-ever promotion to the Portuguese Championship final! After a nail-biting first match where they fell short with a 3-2 loss, the Casuals rallied with unwavering determination.

In a gripping second encounter, they fought tooth and nail, clinching a narrow 2-1 victory, forcing the high-stakes decision to shoot-outs.

As the tension soared and nerves gripped the air, both teams faced the ultimate test of skill and nerve. With five crucial shoot-outs for each side, every moment was fraught with anticipation. In a breathless finale, the Casuals rose to the occasion, netting an electrifying 3 goals while GDViso trailed with only 1. Casuals secured their triumphant passage to the final!

A momentous victory, a testament to their grit and prowess. Well done, boys!

Decisive shoot-out Safe


Winning shoot-out


Ladies Eurohockey fundraising

Dear supporters and friends of the game,

We’re thrilled to announce that Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club Women’s Team has earned a spot in the EuroHockey Club Challenge I Women 2024 in Vienna, Austria, from May 17 to 20. We’ve successfully secured funds for our flights, but now we need your support for accommodation and food to make this dream a reality.

Hockey holds a special place in Portugal, and as a minor sport, securing major sponsors is a challenge. That’s where your generosity becomes our greatest asset. By contributing to our fundraising campaign, you’re not just helping us with logistics; you’re enabling us to represent the Portugal women hockey community at its best.

Every donation, big or small, brings us a step closer to the field in Vienna. Join us in this incredible journey, be a part of our story, and let’s show the world the heart and skill of Portuguese women hockey. Together, we can make everyone proud! ??

Donate Now and be a part of our victory:

Thank you for being the wind beneath our wings!