Super Cup Winners and an unbeatable run!! Go Ladies

In a remarkable display of skill and determination, the Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club women’s team secured their place in the annals of field hockey history by clinching their third consecutive Super Cup title with a thrilling 5-3 victory. The match was a true testament to the team’s cohesion and talent, with each player contributing their utmost to the victory. Isabel Gregg set the tone with a brilliantly executed goal, showcasing her precision and finesse. Juliana Diaz added to the tally with a well-timed strike that left the opposition’s defense stunned. However, the real hero of the day was Yanina Rojas, who exhibited sheer brilliance on the field by netting an incredible hat-trick. Rojas’s three goals not only sealed the Super Cup victory but also established a new record for the longest consecutive run of field hockey games without losing, a remarkable feat that will be remembered for generations to come.

The Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club women’s team’s journey to this historic achievement was a testament to their dedication, hours of rigorous training, and an unwavering spirit. With each passing game, they demonstrated an exceptional level of teamwork and determination that left spectators in awe. As they celebrated their third Super Cup win, the team stood as a shining example of what can be achieved through perseverance and unity. Their remarkable achievement not only cements their legacy in the sport but also inspires countless young athletes to dream big and reach for the stars in the world of field hockey. The Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club women’s team’s Super Cup victory will be remembered as a defining moment in the sport’s history, a glorious chapter in their own journey, and a source of inspiration for future generations of field hockey players.

SAY WHATT??? The Ladies won the EuroHockey Club Challenge III!!

In a historic and awe-inspiring moment, the Ladies clinched the European championship title in their inaugural participation, etching their name in the club’s lore by securing their first-ever international trophy. Against formidable opponents, the team exhibited a blend of grit, passion, and unwavering determination that propelled them to unprecedented heights. Showcasing their immense talent and tactical acumen, the Lisbon Casuals displayed a masterful command of the game, executing intricate plays and demonstrating exceptional teamwork. Their journey to the summit of European hockey was a testament to their relentless pursuit of excellence, as they overcame challenges, defeated established powerhouses, and captivated fans with their relentless pursuit of victory, Janina Rojas from Lisbon Casuals was nominated player of the tournament. With their triumphant achievement, the Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club women’s team has forever left an indelible mark on the sport, inspiring generations to come and solidifying their place in club history as pioneers and champions.

Ladies did it again! Champions!

After winning the indoor Championship, the triumphant journey of Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club’s women’s team culminated in an awe-inspiring victory as they clinched the 4th championship title. With unwavering determination, exceptional skill, and a deep-rooted passion for the game, these extraordinary athletes showcased their unwavering commitment and relentless teamwork throughout the tournament. Their relentless pursuit of excellence, tactical prowess, and unmatched resilience propelled them to overcome formidable opponents and emerge as the true champions. This historic achievement not only reflects the team’s remarkable sporting prowess but also exemplifies the indomitable spirit of Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club and the unwavering support of their ardent fans.



U12 Champions!

The triumph of Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club U12 in the championship signifies a remarkable feat of dedication, skill, and teamwork. Throughout the rigorous competition, the team displayed exceptional talent and unwavering determination, overcoming challenges and surpassing expectations. Their unwavering commitment to the sport, combined with rigorous training and strategic gameplay, propelled them to victory. As they hoisted the championship trophy high, the young athletes proved that age is no barrier to achieving greatness. Their remarkable achievement serves as an inspiration to aspiring hockey players and a testament to the enduring spirit of Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club U12.

The Men’s team runner up on the Taça de Honra

The Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club’s men’s team demonstrated their exceptional skill and determination as they emerged as the runners-up in the prestigious Taça de Honra tournament. With their unwavering commitment to the sport, the team showcased their strategic gameplay and remarkable teamwork, captivating spectators and competitors alike.

Through their relentless efforts and disciplined training, the Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club men’s team exhibited their prowess on the field, leaving an indelible mark on the tournament and solidifying their reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the hockey community.