U15 x CFB SF: 1-4

Another amazing performance for our young and inexperienced team against a strong, experienced CFB Ladies side. We stuck with our core team formation, with strength at the back, which worked well and provided a solid foundation throughout the game. CFB scored after 5 and 15 mins from two unstoppable SCs but very even play. Then 2 mins from the interval LC deservedly scored from a SC-PF and it could/should have been 2-2 at this stage. CFB scored from another SC after 30 mins and a final goal in the last 30 seconds (1-4). The team is beginning to show some good technical skills (measured passes,”1-2” action, soft-reception, attacking “weak-side” etc) and better positioning. Excellent goalkeeping by Francisco…..again!! Plenty to still work on!

Goal: Sebastian

U15 first Win!! LCHC U15 x CPAC: SF 2-1

After the last couple of team performances we thought this game might provide us with a realistic opportunity for our first win. The team strategy was to focus on focus on basic skills (mum & dad’s, please make sure they do their hockey “home-work”!!) and to play the first half with our core team formation and then experiment in the second half with a more attacking formation and different positions.

The game was very tight throughout. LC clearly had most of the possession and largely controlled the game throughout, but CP used a very disciplined “house-type” defence structure throughout which we struggled to penetrate. CP scored first after 5 mins from a powerful shot arising from poor marking. LC then roared back with an unstoppable SC after 6 mins. First goal

With 7 mins of the match to go LC scored another clinical SC and then there was a nervous few minutes until the end of the game and our first, well deserved 2-1 WIN!!!

We need to work more on “dangerous rotations”, how to break down organised defences, better use of “tabelas” and positioning. We are all beginning to “love” our goalkeeper – brilliant again, even with a semi-broken left hand…..wow!

Many thanks to JM & Co. for excellent LCHC TV coverage – please make sure all players take a good look on the website/YouTube



Goals (Assists): Sebastian x2 (Rodolfe x2)


1ª Vitória dos S18

O jogo começou renhido ambas as equipas a atacar, numa jogada de contra ataque John Harrison faz uma jogada individual finalizando com um remate de esquerda para dentro da baliza. O Casa Pia tinha acordado, fazendo uma pressão maior, Diogo Lima ia entrar na área e Aires Tulio faz uma falta dando em uma grande penalidade, Diogo Lima faz o golo do empate. Após outras tentativas falhadas a primeira parte do jogo tinha terminado, com dois cantos curtos para o Casuals e zero para o Casa Pia. Na segunda parte o Lisbon entrou a abrir, ganhando o terceiro canto curto e John Harrison marca o segundo golo com outro remate de esquerda, após uns minutos de jogos, claramente dominados pelo Casuals, John Harrison mais uma vez, numa jogada individual marca o 3-1 o casa pia já estava mal organizada e após refilar sobre umas supostas falhas na arbitragem Diogo lima leva um cartão. Na marcação do quarto canto curto John Harrison marca o poker, uma grande segunda parte do Lisbon Casuals. E termina assim o último jogo da época preparatória.

Fredric Machado