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U15 Lost 1-2! But with a great Game!

Numa estreia eletrizante, a equipa sub-15 do Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club pode ter perdido por 1-2, mas o seu desempenho foi nada menos que extraordinário. Enfrentando os atuais campeões da temporada anterior, esses jovens atletas mostraram sua coragem e determinação inabalável ao longo do jogo. Sua resiliência e impressionante trabalho em equipe mantiveram o público na ponta dos assentos enquanto eles travavam uma luta feroz contra os formidáveis ??campeões de 2022-23. O resultado final pode não os ter favorecido, mas a equipa Sub-15 do Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club saiu deste jogo de cabeça erguida, deixando uma marca indelével como uma força a ter em conta no mundo do hóquei juvenil.

In an electrifying debut, the first U15 team of the Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club may have faced a narrow 1-2 defeat, but their performance was nothing short of extraordinary. Matched against the reigning champions of the previous season, these young athletes showcased their mettle and unwavering determination throughout the game. Their resilience and impressive teamwork kept the audience on the edge of their seats as they put up a fierce fight against the formidable champions. The final score may not have favored them, but the Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club’s U15 team emerged from this contest with heads held high, leaving an indelible mark as a force to be reckoned with in the world of youth hockey.

U15 lost by 2-0

Saturday 1 December: we lost 1-4 to CFB Ladies during game 4 so it was going to be interesting to see how much progress we had made since then. Could we possibly manage to turn the result around into a second win in such a short period of time?

Uncharacteristically we got off to a very nervous and shaky start and could easily have been 2 goals down after 5 minutes – but “guess who” once more came to our rescue? None other than Francisco “nothing-goes-past-me-frango” Burnay, with another brilliant display from beginning to end (nota bem mum & dad, he’s earning himself a great present for Xmas….!). The “boat” steadied and from then on the game was very tight with neither side dominating and chances occurring at both ends, with João B going close to scoring on several occasions. Eventually late in the second half CFB scored from loose marking and again in the last seconds of the game. Overall, a major improvement on game 4.
Good performances all round, in particular with Maggie and Ben both starting to demonstrate sound techniques from training and tireless work from the “central engine room” by Pedro L who provided the opponents with lots of headaches!
Next Saturday we will have a tough return match against CP in Belem, Lisbon so look forward to lots of support in our last match before the Christmas break! “
Andrew Baird

Batalha dentro de casa Vitória para o S15

The LC U15 approached the game against the LC Ladies with some trepidation and respect, knowing this would be another big challenge. Fortunately for the U15 the Ladies were not at full strength and after an evenly fought first 10 minutes the U15 scored their first goal of the championship and importantly gained some breathing space until half time (0-1). The Ladies then changed their tactics, applying a high press, and after sustained pressure scored twice and would have scored more but for the brilliant goalkeeping by Francisco (“man of the match”!). The boys fought back and Rodolfe finally found the “right goal” via a SC tip-in and the stage was set for a nail-biting last 10 minutes, with the boys going ahead only for the Ladies to equalise to give a final score of 3-3. An absolutely thrilling, good quality game of hockey, played in excellent spirit – congratulations to everyone involved!

Andrew Baird

New battle for the U15

The U15 had their second game of the season against a very experienced CFB and again performed well. Whilst most of the CFB team (including their key players) will be too old for U15 next year, ALL of our team will be eligible demonstrating the youth and potential we have!!

We did not have a goalkeeper and still need to identify somebody for the future (please everyone, help us find a new candidate ?) and this inevitably impacted on the result, but the team fought a spirited battle to the end and it is clear we are making progress. Well done guys & gals!

Andrew Baird

Abertura do campeonato para os S15

The U15 team is very young (3 out of 8 are U13), inexperienced (2 have only just started playing hockey for the first time ever) and they have had very few practices together since the season started so we needed to be a bit realistic in our first game against a very strong CPAC team (the reining National and Regional champions!).
The coach made three main pre-game requests of all the players – to have fun; to give 100% effort and to ignore the score result.
All in all it was a superb performance, both individually and collectively, and way exceeded expectations. After 10 minutes (out of 40) the score was justifiably still 0-0 and CPAC looked rather surprised! The best goal came in the second half with a brilliant finish into the top of the net by Rodolphe (wow, if he can just find the right net next time then we will crush our opponents ???!). I can rarely recall a game where every player gave +100% effort (I can prove this from the shirts which were all completely drenched and “smelly” – don’t worry, already washed and perfumed!), and fought like lions right to the very end.

So we have lots of potential and lots to work on but if we can maintain this trajectory and dedication then we will make great progress by the end of this season!

I would like to especially thank Francisco for offering to do GK duties without any prior practice – it is a very difficult task and he is a talented outfielder who we really need to play out of goal.  I would like to ask everyone to think long and hard if they can help us find someone (11-14 yrs old) who might be interested in trying out being a GK, perhaps a footballer who would like to be in goal but doesn’t have an opportunity?
Lastly, a special thank you to all our supporters and wonderful parents whose off field support is so essential – we really appreciate you (don’t we kids!!!!!!).
Andrew Baird