Batalha dentro de casa Vitória para o S15

The LC U15 approached the game against the LC Ladies with some trepidation and respect, knowing this would be another big challenge. Fortunately for the U15 the Ladies were not at full strength and after an evenly fought first 10 minutes the U15 scored their first goal of the championship and importantly gained some breathing space until half time (0-1). The Ladies then changed their tactics, applying a high press, and after sustained pressure scored twice and would have scored more but for the brilliant goalkeeping by Francisco (“man of the match”!). The boys fought back and Rodolfe finally found the “right goal” via a SC tip-in and the stage was set for a nail-biting last 10 minutes, with the boys going ahead only for the Ladies to equalise to give a final score of 3-3. An absolutely thrilling, good quality game of hockey, played in excellent spirit – congratulations to everyone involved!

Andrew Baird