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Super Cup Winners and an unbeatable run!! Go Ladies

In a remarkable display of skill and determination, the Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club women’s team secured their place in the annals of field hockey history by clinching their third consecutive Super Cup title with a thrilling 5-3 victory. The match was a true testament to the team’s cohesion and talent, with each player contributing their utmost to the victory. Isabel Gregg set the tone with a brilliantly executed goal, showcasing her precision and finesse. Juliana Diaz added to the tally with a well-timed strike that left the opposition’s defense stunned. However, the real hero of the day was Yanina Rojas, who exhibited sheer brilliance on the field by netting an incredible hat-trick. Rojas’s three goals not only sealed the Super Cup victory but also established a new record for the longest consecutive run of field hockey games without losing, a remarkable feat that will be remembered for generations to come.

The Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club women’s team’s journey to this historic achievement was a testament to their dedication, hours of rigorous training, and an unwavering spirit. With each passing game, they demonstrated an exceptional level of teamwork and determination that left spectators in awe. As they celebrated their third Super Cup win, the team stood as a shining example of what can be achieved through perseverance and unity. Their remarkable achievement not only cements their legacy in the sport but also inspires countless young athletes to dream big and reach for the stars in the world of field hockey. The Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club women’s team’s Super Cup victory will be remembered as a defining moment in the sport’s history, a glorious chapter in their own journey, and a source of inspiration for future generations of field hockey players.

Ladies did it again! Champions!

After winning the indoor Championship, the triumphant journey of Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club’s women’s team culminated in an awe-inspiring victory as they clinched the 4th championship title. With unwavering determination, exceptional skill, and a deep-rooted passion for the game, these extraordinary athletes showcased their unwavering commitment and relentless teamwork throughout the tournament. Their relentless pursuit of excellence, tactical prowess, and unmatched resilience propelled them to overcome formidable opponents and emerge as the true champions. This historic achievement not only reflects the team’s remarkable sporting prowess but also exemplifies the indomitable spirit of Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club and the unwavering support of their ardent fans.



Ladies indoor season is over

A época de Indoor terminou com os objetivos cumpridos!!! MUITOS PARABÉNS A TODAS! Tri campeãs nacionais de indoor e 5º lugar no Eurohockey challenge I 2023, com um total de 17 jogos, 13 vitorias 1 empate e 3 derrotas! Estamos muito orgulhosos! Boa sorte para o campeonato de Campo!

The Indoor season ended and it was a success!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL! Third national indoor championship in a row and 5th place in the Eurohockey challenge I 2023 with a total of 17 games, 13 wins 1 draw and 3 losses! We are very proud! we are very proud! Good luck for the outdoor Season!

João Miguel Freitas

Ladies won the Super Cup

As nossas Ladies Ganharam a Super Cup pela segunda vez consecutiva!

Our Ladies Won the Super Cup for the second time in a row!

Um jogo controlado deste o inicio como muitas situações golo, as chegaram ao primeiro golo através de um Canto curto rematado por Claudia Fidalgo e com um desvio subtil de Eva Van Velzen aos 18′.  O adversário nunca se deu por vencido e começou a pressionar mais mas as Ladies conseguiram sempre parar as investidas. O segundo golo aparece aos 36′ por Yanina Rojas a tirar o Guarda-redes do caminho e a rematar fortissimo para o fundo da baliza.

O adversário ainda reduziu para 2-1 através duma grande penalidade. As Ladies nunca perderam o real controlo do jogo e com uma superioridade de 60%-40% em posse de bola, conseguiram com naturalidade revalidar a conquista da Super Taça.

Parabéns a todas! Grande Jogo

A controlled game from the beginning with many goal situations, they reached the first goal through a short corner shot by Claudia Fidalgo and with a subtle deflection by Eva Van Velzen at 18′. The opponent never gave up and started to press harder but the Ladies were always able to stop the attacks. The second goal came at 36′ by Yanina Rojas, taking the goalkeeper out of the way and shooting into the back of the goal.

The opponent still reduced to 2-1 through a penalty shot. The Ladies never lost real control of the game and with a superiority of 60%-40% in possession of the ball, they managed to naturally win the Super Cup.

Congratulations to all! Great game

Fotos André Cardoso

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