The Ladies did it again!

The ladies are now the team with more championship titles in Portugal!

5 Títulos – Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club

4 Títulos – Ramaldense Futebol Clube
4 Títulos – Sport Club do Porto
3 Títulos – Associação Desportiva de Lousada
3 Títulos – G. Dramático Sportivo de Cascais
3 Títulos – Grupo Desportivo do Viso
1 Título – CAMIR / CF “Os Belenenses”

Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club Women’s team on their back-to-back championship victory! It’s an impressive achievement to win the championship for the second year in a row, especially in such a thrilling fashion. The final games, which both ended in 1-1 draws, must have been nail-biters, with the outcome being decided by shoot-outs.

Facing a strong opponent like GD Viso, who had put together their best team in years, highlights the resilience and discipline of the Lisbon Casuals players. Holding their opponents long enough to bring the decision to shoot-outs shows their tactical acumen and mental toughness. Winning the shoot-out and securing the championship again is a testament to their skill and determination.

Kudos to the team for their hard work, strategic gameplay, and unwavering spirit! Bringing the championship home again is a remarkable accomplishment and a moment to cherish for all players, coaches, and supporters involved.

Fotos:Paulo Moreira e Guilherme Cardoso