HISTORY!!! Men’s reach the final for the first time!!!

In a heart-pounding showdown last Sunday, the Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club men’s team etched their name into history with their first-ever promotion to the Portuguese Championship final! After a nail-biting first match where they fell short with a 3-2 loss, the Casuals rallied with unwavering determination.

In a gripping second encounter, they fought tooth and nail, clinching a narrow 2-1 victory, forcing the high-stakes decision to shoot-outs.

As the tension soared and nerves gripped the air, both teams faced the ultimate test of skill and nerve. With five crucial shoot-outs for each side, every moment was fraught with anticipation. In a breathless finale, the Casuals rose to the occasion, netting an electrifying 3 goals while GDViso trailed with only 1. Casuals secured their triumphant passage to the final!

A momentous victory, a testament to their grit and prowess. Well done, boys!

Decisive shoot-out Safe


Winning shoot-out