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HISTORY!!! Men’s reach the final for the first time!!!

In a heart-pounding showdown last Sunday, the Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club men’s team etched their name into history with their first-ever promotion to the Portuguese Championship final! After a nail-biting first match where they fell short with a 3-2 loss, the Casuals rallied with unwavering determination.

In a gripping second encounter, they fought tooth and nail, clinching a narrow 2-1 victory, forcing the high-stakes decision to shoot-outs.

As the tension soared and nerves gripped the air, both teams faced the ultimate test of skill and nerve. With five crucial shoot-outs for each side, every moment was fraught with anticipation. In a breathless finale, the Casuals rose to the occasion, netting an electrifying 3 goals while GDViso trailed with only 1. Casuals secured their triumphant passage to the final!

A momentous victory, a testament to their grit and prowess. Well done, boys!

Decisive shoot-out Safe


Winning shoot-out


Men’s first drew in 2023_24 Season

The first drew of Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club’s men’s field hockey team was a thrilling and memorable encounter played under challenging weather conditions in Santa Maria de Lamas. As heavy rain poured down on the field, the players showcased their dedication and love for the sport. The slick and waterlogged pitch added an extra layer of complexity to the game, as players had to constantly adjust their techniques and adapt to the conditions.

Photo: Paulo Moreira

The Men’s team runner up on the Taça de Honra

The Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club’s men’s team demonstrated their exceptional skill and determination as they emerged as the runners-up in the prestigious Taça de Honra tournament. With their unwavering commitment to the sport, the team showcased their strategic gameplay and remarkable teamwork, captivating spectators and competitors alike.

Through their relentless efforts and disciplined training, the Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club men’s team exhibited their prowess on the field, leaving an indelible mark on the tournament and solidifying their reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the hockey community.



We are recruiting for 2022-2023!


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Lisbon Casuals Men’s First Indoor Match

Lisbon Casuals Men’s team played Casa Pia at the São Domingos de Rana pavilion last Sunday.

The day started with our team managers, James and André making all the temperature checks of both teams on arrival to guarantee that the Covid measures where met.

After the all clear was given, the match was allowed to begin with the starting line up of: João Miguel in goal, John and Rafa in defence, Joe in the midfielf and Muhammad and our captain Steve as forwards.

Our coach Paulo proposed a new tactical setup that was working well, and we frustrated our opponent who couldn’t find gaps in our defense.

Casa Pia’s first shot at goal was blocked by Rafa but unfortunately it came off his backstick and a penalty stroke was awarded. At the penalty stroke, João Miguel managed to get a foot to the ball but didn’t stop it from going in the goal.

We had a couple of attacking opportunities from John and Steve but without managing a result.

In the second quarter Casa Pia score another two goals from penalty corners.

At half time we discussed the need to stop our opponent from getting penalty corners and how we could create more chances of our own.

And we did manage to create chances and put Casa Pia under pressure. Although 0-3 down we pressed forward and Fred, at full stretch intersepted a pass which landed sweetly on Joe’s stick who carried the ball in to the circle and found Sepi at the second post, who calmly tapped the ball in the goal.

Watch: Sepi’s 1st Goal

With new energy we brought the game to our opponent who struggled with Verjinder’s bursts of speed and skill up front.

João Miguel was keeping us in the game with crucial saves, and then out of nowhere, on the counter attack Steve passed to Muhammad in the circle who found the smallest of gap’s and put the ball through the kepper’s legs to Sepi, who again found himself in the correct position and scored a goal.

But, Casa Pia being an experienced team composed themselves and  where more clinical with their shots and scored again from a penalty corner.

We had fewer scoring opportunities but still managed to earn a couple of penalty corners for ourselves, but couldn’t convert them.

Towards the end of the match, tired legs where showing from the Casuals boys and Casa Pia score three more times to close the match, ending in a 3-7 loss to Casa Pia.

Our next match is scheduled for the 24th of January, away against Futebol Benfica.

Thanks Jerry for being our camara man.