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Ladies did it again! Champions!

After winning the indoor Championship, the triumphant journey of Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club’s women’s team culminated in an awe-inspiring victory as they clinched the 4th championship title. With unwavering determination, exceptional skill, and a deep-rooted passion for the game, these extraordinary athletes showcased their unwavering commitment and relentless teamwork throughout the tournament. Their relentless pursuit of excellence, tactical prowess, and unmatched resilience propelled them to overcome formidable opponents and emerge as the true champions. This historic achievement not only reflects the team’s remarkable sporting prowess but also exemplifies the indomitable spirit of Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club and the unwavering support of their ardent fans.



U12 Champions!

The triumph of Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club U12 in the championship signifies a remarkable feat of dedication, skill, and teamwork. Throughout the rigorous competition, the team displayed exceptional talent and unwavering determination, overcoming challenges and surpassing expectations. Their unwavering commitment to the sport, combined with rigorous training and strategic gameplay, propelled them to victory. As they hoisted the championship trophy high, the young athletes proved that age is no barrier to achieving greatness. Their remarkable achievement serves as an inspiration to aspiring hockey players and a testament to the enduring spirit of Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club U12.

The Men’s team runner up on the Taça de Honra

The Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club’s men’s team demonstrated their exceptional skill and determination as they emerged as the runners-up in the prestigious Taça de Honra tournament. With their unwavering commitment to the sport, the team showcased their strategic gameplay and remarkable teamwork, captivating spectators and competitors alike.

Through their relentless efforts and disciplined training, the Lisbon Casuals Hockey Club men’s team exhibited their prowess on the field, leaving an indelible mark on the tournament and solidifying their reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the hockey community.



Ladies indoor season is over

A época de Indoor terminou com os objetivos cumpridos!!! MUITOS PARABÉNS A TODAS! Tri campeãs nacionais de indoor e 5º lugar no Eurohockey challenge I 2023, com um total de 17 jogos, 13 vitorias 1 empate e 3 derrotas! Estamos muito orgulhosos! Boa sorte para o campeonato de Campo!

The Indoor season ended and it was a success!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL! Third national indoor championship in a row and 5th place in the Eurohockey challenge I 2023 with a total of 17 games, 13 wins 1 draw and 3 losses! We are very proud! we are very proud! Good luck for the outdoor Season!

João Miguel Freitas