Parents vs Kids mini-tournament

We were blessed with wonderful weather for the parents vs kids mini-tournament on Saturday. As predicted, the two kids teams (the “Snowmen” and “Reindeers”) outclassed and outplayed the parents (“Fathers & Mothers Christmas”). The Snowmen won both their matches to come in first place, with the Reindeers a close second.

But lets give a really big hand to the mum’s and dad’s who revealed plenty of “hidden” talent and “raw potential”….

Pedro L – “what do you mean I can’t use my feet to stop the ball going into the goal?!”
Luis B – interesting inverted stick grip but surprisingly quick and sneeky (for a Burnay…)!
Nuno M – speedy gonzalez, just didn’t get enough quality ball….another who needs to come join the Vets…!
Frank – always a gentleman, even during the heat of battle!
Ginnelle – very competitive, but “I really don’t like any of these pesky kids” – ouch!!
Raoul – wow, a speedy Father Christmas who took no prisoners (definitely needs to join the Vets immediately)!
Graça E – super-mum, full of energy and talent and hungry for goals!
Duarte A – hasn’t lost any of his class and skill, so get operated ASAP and come back and play full time!
João S – a quiet young man, full of potential who also needs to come join the Vets…..!

It would be great to see them come join in with the Vets on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons so we can help turn them into diamonds (or at least polished quartz)!!

Missing in action:
Claudia – unfortunately ill
Ana B – what happened to our promised “Cheerleader”??

Many thanks to everyone for bringing food, drinks and being so willing to join in and have a fun time!

Merry Christmas to all.