Inglorious finish for the Men

This saturday the Men Played the best game since the beginning of the season, the game agaisn’t Ramaldense F.C. was a game that we really wanted to win, and did everything we could to do so.

With a completely control of the game the opponent, agaisn’t all odds, scored first after a poorly defense from our veteran goalie João Miguel, the team was affected by this undeserved goal, but little by little got change after chance to equalise the score board.

The lack of experience inside the opponent circle didn’t allow us to score the goal.

At the half-time we were loosing 0-1.

On the second half the young men pushed really hard and got the well deserved goal by Thomas Machado. This was not enough, the coach ask for a victory, and this was what we wanted. Our Goalie, redimed himself with several safes preventing them to score more goals.

The opponent got the second goal through a Short corner, with our captain was very unlucky  trying to get the ball out of the circle letting the forward to touch the ball first into the net.

The team didn’t give up and pushed again very hard, michael Kodde, Ruben Campos and John Harrison were most of the times successfull keeping them away from the circle, and every time the got a shot on goal the goalie saved it. LCHC attacking waves were constant but with no result… Close to the end on the only mistake of our defense during this period the opponent scored again closing the score on 1-3.

Not all the times the best team wins… the hard work we’ve been doing is starting to show results! This is the way!

Let the indoor season begin!

João Miguel Freitas