Mar. 8 – Ladies lost 2nd outdoor match of the season…

Belenensesx LCHC Ladies

Foto: Pedro Leitão

Last Sunday, the LCHC ladies face Belenenses for the 1st match between the two teams for the Portuguese Cup.

After the win of 5-0 to the championship in October against Belenenses, early in the game it was obvious who was going to dominate the game, with a fantastic offensive waves LCHC easily install them self on Belenenses half pitch. Several chance to score but with all Belenenses team inside the defensive circle it was difficult to find our way to he goal.

Incredibly in one of the few counter-attack of Belenenses they manage to score catching LCHC by surprise.

On the second half the dominance was even more noticed. The ladies pushed really hard keeping belenenses most of the second half inside their defensive circle. But not even with more than 20 shots on goal we manage to score and make this the second defeat in outdoor this season, but not all is lost since we have the second match to decide who goes to the finals.