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Proud of our Ladies!

Our Ladies have finished their European adventure in an honorable 4th place after narrowly missing out of a medal position.

With two wins on the first day and a loss on the morning of the second day, our Ladies finished in 2nd position of Pool B. This result placed the Casuals in the promotion Pool where the 1st to 4th places would be decided.

The next two crucial games proved to be very tough and a narrow loss in the last match denied our Ladies the much sought after 3rd ‘medal winning’ spot.


Lisbon Casuals HC v Ards Ladies HC: 2 (1-0)
Lisbon Casuals HC v KPH Ra?a: 4 1 (1-0)
Lisbon Casuals HC v Bolu Belediyesi SK: 03 (0-1)
Lisbon Casuals HC v FHC Akademik Plus Sofia: 24 (2-2)
Lisbon Casuals HC v Douai HC: 34 (1-2)

Top: Filipe Romão, Pedro Leitão, Moraima Enciso, Alice Matias, Chiara Calicchia, Isabel Gregg, João M. Freitas
Middle: Ângela Lima, Maria Leitão, Rita Sousa, Cláudia Fidalgo, Isabel Fidalgo-Freitas
Bottom: Andreia Rebelo, Helena Melo

– Joe Kodde