U18’s face the Vets!

A reenforced U18’s team faced the Vets in preparation for their national finals on the 04th & 05th of June, in Lousada.
It was a fast passed match with plenty of chances missed by both teams, with shots flying over the goal from Alexa & Jerry…Herman even attempted to kick the ball in the goal but Hugo’s eagle eyed umpiring was up to speed.
The goalkeepers Sara & Vitor were on form making a few good saves each, but Vitor was in the spotlight, with a slightly insane charge towards the ball near the sideline….which left 0 casualties (thank the Lord).
The U18’s team displayed some nice passing from Teixeira & Diogo, resulting in a plethora of goals, from the younger players John & Fred, Diogo scored from a PC, Thomas whacked one in, and a few others that escape my memory. Meirinhos had the honors of tacking a penalty, which came right back at him after hitting the post.
Over to the Vets, we have Hans who’s amazing 5 minutes of glory ended when he hobbled of the pitch with a pulled hamstring…Adérito was on top form, keeping up with the youth using his trademark backhand stops. Steve scored a bullet goal from close range, looking for a Vets comeback. Birthday “girl” Mo found a gap in the opposition’s back line and smoothly eliminated three defenders, skipped in to the circle and smashed a backhand shot into the top of goals net.
A good game enjoyed by both teams, with a 6-2 win for the U18’s.

– Joe Kodde