Oct 25 – U15s Win

The U15s won their third outdoor game of the season 4-0 against CF Benfica Ladies, to pull into second position on goal difference in the SF/S-15 outdoor competition. However, starting with one player less than the opposition, without their usual defensive line-up and with the Benfica Ladies hard hitting and determined play on their home pitch, the young lads struggled to get ahead. The side adopted a more defensive line up after fifteen hard minutes and one goal from Martim Gonçalves pushed in from the left post after a scramble in their area, was all they could manage before the interval. In the second half, being more tired, they had to pass the ball around more and this actually helped their play with John and Vicente tirelessly combining in midfield to build up each attack. They found the stick of newcomer Aires Túlio several times on the right hand post and he managed to convert two to make it 3-0. A change in the short corner line brought the final goal with Vicente working the ball round to Fredric who found the goal from the right hand side with a well struck ball to make it 4-0.

James Harrison