Nov. 16 – Super Georgina help ladies win

Ladies: 7-1. Super Georgina was the MVP with 3 goals. In what was supposed to be an easy game for the Ladies, they started building the score early in the game: the ‘Georgina show’ was even better, adding speed to the game. However the passes were not getting into the circle where our captain Angela Lima was looking them, and this lack of accuracy turned the game into a very hard situation to solve… But Georgina scored again from a brilliant move with only 4 passes from the defensive line to the back of the opposition goal: only then did LCHC get going, everything started to flow and 2 minutes later the youngest player Marina scored again this season, after earlier  goals in the league!! In the midfield Janna Wende and Inês Campos showed a mature attitude holding that sector every time Casa Pia A.C. tried to do something.

In the second half, Georgina completed her hat-trick of the game, Inês Campos also scored, and Rita de Sousa scored 2 more goals for LCHC ladies. Casa Pia A.C. got their goal 3 minutes from the end of the game.