May 16 – Vets v Casa Pia Vets

An impressive, at least in quantity, parliament of Vets turned out on Saturday to play Casa Pia. Before the match a small presentation of some hockey balls was made to Casa Pia which were gratefully received. The heat made for a sluggish start to the game and the Vets went one nil down after one of Kai Wenzel’s feet came between the ball and the goal, leading to a successful Casa Pia penalty flick. Several opportunities were created and missed by the Casuals but eventually Cat Ward managed to equalise the scoreline, flicking a rebound ball over the keeper, followed by a sweet strike from Steve Fernandes to put the Vets in the lead.

In the second half, with a little more shade, the Vets were able to take a bit more control of the game although umpteen chances went begging and only one of Herman Green’s many shots found its way over the goal-line, mistakes he made up for at the bar post-match. Some passionate play was calmly contained by the unruffleable umpires Joe Kodde and Ray Borrow. Casa Pia played with good spirit on and off the pitch. Final result 3-1.

Cat Ward