5 Dec – A triumphal return for the U13 captain

U13s Lost 4-6 vs. Casa Pia. Martim Gonçalves scored all 4 goals, 3 from open
play and one from a short corner; a triumphal return for the captain.

The first half was very close, with LCHC leading 2-0 at one point. But the
Casa Pia team surged back, converting 2 penalty corners  after the first
time-out to make it 2-4 by the interval. The team held their own, clawing
back two more goals to make it 4-4. However, Casa Pia’s greater technical
skill and experience showed and they ended the game 4-6 with 2 more in quick
succession after the last time-out.

This was the best result to date for our relatively inexperienced U13 team;
and the second game where they have showed some real promise as a team.


The next game is against CF Benfica on December 8 in the Casa Pia.

James Harrison