11 Out. 11 Deadly minutes for LCHC Men

The season has begun, although not in the best way: the Men lost 2-7 against Futebol Benfica, but the score does not reflect what happened on the pitch.

In the first half the young LCHC team played very well, despite conceding an early goal; they kept CFB away from their goal and got an equalizer by João Ralha.

When LCHC tried for a second goal, their opponents used some strong counter attacks to force a penalty stroke: but Gonçalo Brito kept the score at 1-1 with a tremendous save. Close to half time CFB got their 2nd goal, again with a fast counter attack.

The second half started exactly the same as the first, with strong defending by LCHC, always looking to push up to score the equalizer, when the unthinkable happened… from the 49th  to the 60th minute, CFB managed to score 5 goals against a completely broken LCHC.

LCHC pulled together one more time and put their ideas in place to dominate the rest of the game, getting the 2nd  goal – again by João Ralha. We paid heavily for the lack of experience of our young team. But there is still a long championship ahead.


João Miguel Freitas