July 8 – Chelmsford visit


With Chelmsford arriving on Sunday afternoon, a light-hearted Tourno in the evening with Mixed Casuals/Chelmsford teams was just about right to stretch some muscles. However on Monday morning the two Boys U18 sides played a highly competitive match. Chelmsford opened the scoring after a defensive lapse on 14 mins and, despite some sustained pressure, Casuals were only able to equalise 10 mins into the second half from an excellent reverse-stick drive. However 5 mins before the end Chelmsford sealed a 2-1 win with a sharp deflection in front of goal. The evening Mixed match saw Casuals gain some consolation with a 4-3 win in a very open game, and this was followed by a fun evening in Cascais.



In today’s final Mixed game neither side was able to score – hardly surprising, given the lunch-time heat and some very tired legs. This led to an impromptu shoot out, which Chelmsford edged 7-6. These 3 days  were another short but memorable exchange between the two Clubs, hopefully soon to be repeated.